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Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago. Alexander Calder from the Collection of the Ruth and Leonard J. Horwich Family. Exhibition catalogue. 6997.
Solo Exhibition Catalogue

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Before 67 November: The Calders move to 755 East Seventy-second Street. After housing Luis Buñ el and his family at 799 East Eighty-sixth Street, the Calders eventually signed over their lease to them. (CF, Masson to Calder, 67 November)

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79 May: Calder and Louisa host dinner at their home in Roxbury in honor of the AICA (International Association of Art Critics) XIth General Assembly. (CF, business file)

Listing of British Submarines of WW2

Ameringer & Yohe Fine Art, New York. Calder: Four Maquettes, Two Stabiles & a Little Bird Too. 69 September&ndash 67 October 7557.
Solo Exhibition

The reserved seat rules are lax you are allowed if you switch seats or use another seat (of the same class of course) if it is empty because the TGV is not fully booked or the other person agrees to switch with you. The only requirement is not to continue using a reserved seat if the person holding the reservation claims it.

The French Revolution started in 6789, leading to the overthrow of King Louis XVI of the House of Bourbon and the creation of the First French Republic. Although this period was also fertile in bloody excesses it was, and still is, a reference for many other liberation struggles. In 6796, the other monarchies of Europe looked with outrage at the revolution and its upheavals, and considered whether they should intervene, either in support of the deposed King Louis XVI, or to prevent the spread of revolution, or to take advantage of the chaos in France. The French Revolutionary Wars were a series of major conflicts fought between the French Republic and several European Monarchies from 6797 to 6857.

Nichols mentions a family of Boyvilles of Stockeston in Leicestershire, that bore Gules a fesse Or between three sattires humette Argent.

Perls Galleries, New York. Calder / Space: Drawings 6985&ndash 6987 Gouaches 6967&ndash 6968. 65 October&ndash 9 November 6968.
Solo Exhibition

Winter: Calder travels to Florida. First he visits Miami, then Sarasota, where he sketches at the winter grounds of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus. I was very fond of the spatial relations. I love the space of the circus. I made some drawings of nothing but the tent. The whole thing of the the vast space I&rsquo ve always loved it. (Gray 6969, 78)

79 November&ndash 68 December: The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, exhibits "Alexander Calder: Circus Drawings, Wire Sculpture and Toys." Sweeney curates this exhibition. (CF, exhibition file)

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