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Date: 2018-01-13 08:28

Happily married, sometimes a little bored and feel the need for more stimulation in the erotica department. I love to dress up, tease dance and have a kinky side. I love exploring and am quite.

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I am not looking for anything serious, just some casual fun for the 7 - 8 days a week I spend in Jhb, hotel rooms can get lonely and self masturbation becomes stale. So I am just here for some fun.

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Regular sensual crazy passion required, do you have what I need? I am witty with a good sense of humour, I love dancing around naked to rock music after a couple of tequilas. Shagging.

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Swf looking for a man in Jhb or Pta, I am in Midrand, so can travel either way. All I want is a friend with benefits, definately no commitment sex on a regular basis with someone who enjoys.

The K in my name is for kindling warmth in others, the F means fuggin' fun hehehehe. I am a down to earth person with a ready sense of humour, I like a dashing smile, a naughty sparkle in.

I am an athlete, my life revolves around sport so I have had little time to play. I am not snooty or snobby, I like men with average bodies, you don't have to be hunky, you have to be just.

I have a very sexy imagination, I like to play seduction games, I like to tease and turn myself and my partner on, so your imagination would have to match mine to ensure the most pleasure.

I am in the Randburg area but can comfortably drive further afield to meet you. I have good health, a good sense of humour and a great sex drive! My time is flexible, I can always make myself.

I am an open minded person who gets along easily with others, I am drawn to unpretentious yet charming men with a devil may care attitude, yet by the same token cautious with private and.

I am an attractive brunette, confident and comfortable with my sexuality. I enjoy all types of men, it is not always physical but rather all about the chemical interaction between us, so.

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