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Most of the records in this collection are from the Fleet area of London, which was nearby London’s notorious Fleet Prison. Fleet Prison, in addition to its appalling conditions, was also known as a debtor’s prison where people who could not pay their debts were sent to serve out a prison term. Over the years, Fleet Prison held many famous people, including William Penn who subsequently went on to found Pennsylvania. Fleet Prison was so infamous that it was even mentioned in the writings of Charles Dickens and Shakespeare.

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Presumably archivists have chosen the 5% of the collection that can be digitized without destroying the original paper copy (old newspapers can crumble to the touch because they were typically printed on the lowest quality paper stock - especially during the war years) and which contain the highest information content for modern readers. 

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This guide is indispensable for anyone trying to trace their Irish ancestors.  It will save you many hours of unnecessary frustration.  The first step in any ancestral search (and one that many genealogists unfortunately overlook) is making sure that a record exists for a given place and time.  This guide allows you to do that.

The original image is not available for this collection. However, the record will reference the exact film/folder/image number so that the original record can be looked up at the Public Record Office of Victoria.