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Date: 2018-01-09 12:50

Contaminants transport in clays is predominantly via diffusion and can be inhibited by adsorption and geochemical reactions. Important factors for modelling reactive transport - clay dimensional deformation and microstructure changes, . swelling - are not well understood and quantified. Specifically, swelling is known to depend on the water chemistry and temperature and its physical effect is to modify the sizes of diffusion pathways and the surfaces available for reaction with contaminants.

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The core mechanisms of rehabilitation interventions to promote upper limb function involve intensive practice of functional tasks, which drives neural plasticity to improve motor skills. However weakness of the upper limb makes it difficult for the neurologically impaired to practice at the necessary intensity.

Huge fireballs spotted in the skies over southern England

Advanced solid mechanics, finite element analysis (ABAQUS), mechanics of composite materials, fracture mechanics, and experimental mechanics.

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London 8767 s a huge city with many different neighbourhoods, so it 8767 s easy to feel spammed with choice when planning a date. With this in mind, we 8767 ve compiled a list of inspiring date ideas, to help you avoid the usual overcrowded haunts.

Neurological impairments such as Stroke and Cerebral Palsy are the commonest forms of disability in adults and children respectively in the UK and across Europe and North America. People with neurological impairment often have compromised volitional control of their arm and hand limiting their ability to undertake activities of daily living such as getting dressed.

Essential: Strong background in experimental or numerical fluid mechanics.
Desirable: Experience in Biomedical Engineering or Computational Fluid Dynamics.

These include a Saturday service between Dublin and Manchester which could impact on Irish fans of Manchester United and Manchester City.

Conventional methods in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) require careful mesh generation strategies for accurate and robust simulation. For three dimensional problems in complex geometries mesh generation can be particularly time-consuming and cumbersome, even for expert users. The use of particle numerical methods simplifies the distribution of computational nodes given the minimal requirements on node connectivity and topology. This project will determine optimal particle distribution strategies for numerical simulation using Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics. Applications will be taken from complex flow geometries in marine and nuclear energy.

Ageing is one of the most significant challenges of social and demographic change confronting societies globally. Yet, the problem of ageing is rarely examined in relation to (changing) project management careers. As engineering workplaces become more flexible and lean, and as project management careers increasingly become more boundaryless, there is a need to examine how the dynamics of ageing can exert further pressures in terms of . career choices and planning, work-life balance, and the development and retention of organisational knowledge and wisdom. This PhD study seeks to examine implications for workplace design as a consequence of ageing and changing notions of project management careers.

The aerodynamic performance of finite wings, such as those used on UAVs, is often hampered by the low Reynolds number at which they operate. In this project, a new passive flow control method which is inspired by the nature will be applied to models of finite wings. Their aerodynamic performance will be evaluated in wind tunnel experiments. Both surface-mounted sensors and PIV will be used to gain an insight of how the flow field is affected. The objectives of this project are to identify the optimal dimension of the passive flow control features and understand the associated flow physics.

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