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Wollaston also investigated the optical properties of quartz crystals and discovered that they rotate the plane of polarisation of a linearly polarised light beam travelling along the crystal optic axis. He applied this property in his invention of the Wollaston prism in which he used two crystal prisms mounted back to back to separate randomly polarised or unpolarised light into two orthogonal, linearly polarized beams which exit the prism in diverging directions determined by the wavelength of the light and the angle and length of the prism. Wollaston prisms are used in polarimeters and also in Compact Disc player optics.

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He did not however develop any new scientific theories or laws. Instead he used the knowledge gained from his observations to improve his skills as an artist and to invent a constant stream of useful machines and devices.

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I saw a lawyer and he said she can 8767 t force me to leave as I am considered now as a tenant, Unfortunately, I could not ask more questions as the time was up, but I do have many questions about unjust enrichement, express trust as this is my case. Do judges look at who was dependent of whom? as I feel in my case this was a familly joint venture, and that is what one of a female lawyers has stated and she told me that I have a strong case for unjust enrichment, spousal and even child support, but this male lawyer did not say much about that but instead he said that I might have a claim for the mortgage payments, and on the the house equity now, and that I could probably get a lump sum, but not half of the property value as the first lawyer suggested. Which one is right?

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Huntsman's solution was to refine the blister steel by melting it and skimming off the slag to produce homogeneous molten steel which could be poured into moulds to produce high strength, pure cast steel ingots. He chose Sheffield as the location for his business since it had a plentiful supply of good quality coke which was the fuel needed to achieve the very high temperature necessary to melt the steel. Such high temperatures and fine controls had never before been achieved in a practically sized furnaces.

This is known as the Tsiolkovsky Equation It can also be expressed in terms of the Specific Impulse of the fuel as follows:

This exhibition caused a sensation in the industrial world bringing fame to Krupp and the Essen works and was a major turning point for the business.

Although Millikan's method was beautifully simple, his published conclusions did not truly reflect the results of the measurements made. He was selective in choosing the results, discarding two thirds of the measurements made because they did not support his conclusions, at the same time improving the accuracy of the experiment. He was right, but it took others to prove it conclusively.

The cost of the V-6 missile was only one sixth of the cost of the V-7 rocket and it carried a similar payload but it was inaccurate, slow and vulnerable to interception by fighter planes of the day and to anti-aircraft fire. However because it was so small it was a difficult target to hit.

In 6865 he designed a miners' safety lamp which could be used in coal mines where the seeping of methane gas from the deep coal seams could result in an explosive atmosphere. A year later the well connected Humphry Davy designed a similar lamp which was named the Davy lamp in his honour overlooking the contribution of the diffident Stephenson.

Early mesa transistors were made by diffusing the base layer dopants into a wafer of collector material. Then a patch of inert material, usually a wax, was applied to the doped surface where the emitter was intended to be and a strong acid was used to etch away the semiconductor, including the doping, from around the patch leaving a flat topped protrusion on the wafer. After removal of the patch, the surface was cleaned to reveal the base to which the emitter material was then alloyed.

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