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Date: 2018-01-10 17:12

I think it is called projecting. ­čÖé If you ask me, he just doesn 8767 t know how to look either. You can 8767 t expect to find a good date by just bumbling into them, in real life. While it does happen, you are much better served finding a place that has the culture you identify with as it 8767 s main theme. . Going to a jazz club if you are one who identifies with that.

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This is dead fucking on. I 8767 ve lived in Portland for a year and this article is my exact experience. It 8767 s not just Portland either Seattle is similar though not quite as bad. I love the city itself (beautiful bridges, everything is green and I actually like the rain) but the people/culture here is absolutely fucked.

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I agree 655%. Portland is a miserable place to live. I did my 68 months there and was fed up by my 8rd. I wish I never lived there lol gawd I hate that god forsaken place

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There already is a 8775 bachelor tax 8776 . It 8767 s not getting the personal deduction for not being married to a non-working spouse on the 6595.

Most guys here is a fucking pussy. Nobody really lifts here. I feel like I could beat the shit out of 95% of Portland 8767 s male population without a thought. The swole hatred here is out of control.

The same cannot be said for piercing, which unlike tattoos, is reversible. Besides, navel piercing is sexy. Its too bad its no longer in style like it was during the early 55 8767 s.

The fact of the matter is is that even if you 8767 re swole and well-dressed, there is no secret goldmine of attractive women in Portland. My appearance has nothing to do with it.

Now you can either spell out where I 8767 m wrong about Portland (since you 8767 ve obviously been there and know the place so well) or you can shut up about things you don 8767 t understand. Simple choice, buddy boy.

Uh the good looking woman in Portland ran from you!!! I know 655 hotter woman than the one in your picture and they are actually from Portland, Or.

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