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Date: 2018-01-06 15:01

After this the specific orientation between the hook eye and the super sharp straight point creates the best possible angle to aid the hook penetrating quickly and securely. Simply, this means you will land more fish.

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Comments: I bought the pocket frog version to fish on light tackle and it has been a fun lure to fish. First four fish I hooked came off right at the shore. I bent the hooks out to open the gap and landed the next four. I haven't had the issues with the body filling up or the legs coming off like others. I would say it performs better in open water and sparse weeds.

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Dwarf is the sister brand to the blockbuster short rod Scope concept - making the revolutionary retractable butt section and reduced pack down length affordable by all.

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The ReelBait Flasher is designed to present baits in a stand-up position. The blade flutters freely on the fall, with the flash and thump mimicking a distressed minnow. Pair these jigs with a Gulp! 8-inch Shaky Shad, 9-inch Swimmow, or Northland 8-inch Impulse Paddle Minnow, each with built-in scent for added attraction.

Now for a fishing report. Some of the best rockfish of the year are being caught and released right now using jigs.  My hottest lure over the past couple of weeks has been a 65-inch BKD in either white, chartreuse, or avocado.  I 8767 m still fishing the Bay Bridge area and the warm water discharges although I am just starting to get reports of fish in the rivers, in Eastern Bay, and on the Susquehanna Flats. The yellow perch run is nearly over and was pretty much a miss for Maryland this year. The white perch spawn is in stronger with good catches reported in the usual spawning areas including the Eastern Shore and Upper Bay tributaries. The herring spawn is on, but remember it 8767 s illegal to fish with live herring now. Not much happening yet with hickory shad.

At The Fly Fishers we can help you with all of your freshwater fly fishing needs. The best smallmouth bass fly fishing is right here at our door step along with the finest musky fly fishing opportunities in the world.

Circle hooks can be roughly divided into two types, offset and non-offset. Most of the hooks you see on the store shelves are offset. That means when you lay them down on a table, they won 8767 t lay completely flat. The offset  refers to the amount of deviation in the plane of the hook point relative to that of the shank. Offset circle hooks are more likely to gut hook your fish.

Comments: I purchased the green tea frog 8weeks ago. the first heavy strike the frog took, one of the legs was bitten completely off. Contacted customer service right away & even sent pictures. They offered no help in replacing the frog & did not stand behind their product. Wasn't worth the $8 spent to use only once. Wont purchase another.

Comments: True to its name. This is an unbelievable frog. I've had amazing success this past weekend throwing this frog. Best open water frog I've ever seen, the action is perfect.

From: Jared: AL

Blades work equally well in lake and river settings and are excellent search lures. They cast like a bullet and can be fished quickly at any level in the water column. They also take on a different action, depending on whether the rod is worked in an up-and-down jigging motion or swept to the side between cranks of the reel handle.

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